How many prints will my guests get?

If instant printing service is subscribe for your event, all photos taken at InstantBOOTH will be printed on high quality film & photo papers. Example: If a group of 4 people taken a group photo at InstantBOOTH, we will be printing 4 copies of photos and give to each of them. We believe that every […]

How does InstantBOOTH Live Facebook Upload works?

InstantBOOTH Live Facebook Upload is a service that will upload all photos taken at InstantBOOTH instantly LIVE to any Facebook Fan page. If you are hosting a Corporate or Launching event, this service is a great tool to updates your fans on what’s currently happening at the InstantBOOTH at the event. All photos uploaded to […]

How does InstantBOOTH Live Slide Show works?

A. InstantBOOTH Live Slideshows is one of our exclusive service that all customers loves. We setup an isolated wireless network that communicates with our InstantBOOTH server and a Notebook that connects to a LCD/LED Projector. All photos taken at InstantBOOTH corner will be stream live to the notebook and project out to the projector(s). P/S: […]

How do I make booking?

Email us at [email protected] with the following : Title of Event: Date, Time & Duration: Venue: Expected Turnout: Alternatively, you may submit your event details with our Enquiry Form here. Please give us as much details as possible about your event so that we can prepare a special quote for you.